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Professional Apartment Painters Near Waimea

If you've got an apartment building in Waimea, Kailua-Kona, Waikoloa or the surrounding area, I can help you refresh apartment interiors and exteriors to help keep occupancy high and maintain rent values. Successfully managing an apartment complex means having the best commercial painting company working for you. For the fastest "moved out turn-over" and the highest quality work, call Mark Dunlap Painting LLC's team of apartment painters today at 808-883-3166.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps

  1. Call 808-883-3166 to discuss your design preferences, hotspots needing the most attention and business goals for your apartment painting project.
  2. Know the cost of painting your commercial apartment units with complete certainty. Some painting contractors and companies offer only a very rough estimate. With Mark Dunlap Painting LLC, there are no surprise painting costs.
  3. Coordinate with me when you want the painting to begin.

Commitment To Quality

At Mark Dunlap Painting LLC I know quality is an important factor when it comes to serving property managers in the Waimea area. I also understand that every day an apartment sits empty is a day you are not making revenue. I help you balance maintaining a high level of consistent quality matching renter expectations with fast turnaround times.

Before applying paint, sealant, or texture I quickly and thoroughly complete all prep work. Mark Dunlap Painting LLC's apartment painting experts pay close attention to the details when painting to ensure a high-quality result. I am always conscientious when it comes to being clean and tidy. I keep my work area clean and complete a full clean-up when the project is complete.

Commercial Regulations and Specialty Apartment Painting Services

  1. Regulations
    If you have recently purchased an older building needing special attention, schedule a professional consultation with Mark Dunlap Painting LLC near Waimea today. I can help you meet most local, state, and federal requirements.
  2. Specialty Service: Textured Ceiling Treatments
    Textured ceiling application and painting is still a great way for large apartment complexes to control sound, insulate and hide ceiling damage. Equipped with only premium quality materials, Mark Dunlap Painting LLC's professional painters save you time and money.
  3. Specialty Service: Occupied And Fully Furnished Rentals
    If your units come fully furnished or if a tenant is currently living in the space, you can be sure the team here at Mark Dunlap Painting LLC takes the same great care I do with my residential house painting projects. I am very conscientious when it comes to being clean and tidy.
    1. Call me today at 808-883-3166 or request a free estimate if it's time to refresh your apartment complex in Waimea, Kailua-Kona, Waikoloa or the surrounding area.


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Mark is the guy who will make all your painting dreams come true. Mike Alvarado

, 11/18/2023

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The quality of the job was excellent, preparation as well as painting itself. Communication from Mark was excellent. The painting was done as scheduled about 2 months from time of the bid and acceptance of the bid. Mark used the brand and sheen of paint that I requested, which was important to me.

, 03/27/2023

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Mark Dunlap in mid-late November 2022 painted the exterior of our Waikoloa Village home and did a wonderful job. He is a very personable, detailed-oriented professional. Would highly recommend Mark Dunlap for any painting-related services.

, 12/08/2022


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